Monday, 30 January 2017

C.C.C The history of the Cornish Copper Company

My study on the events leading up to Willliam West's success at Austen's engine has lead me, via the work of Samuel Grose to this publication.

The History of the Cornish Copper Company by W.H.Pascoe

The Cornish Copper Company started smelting near Camborne in 1754, and in 1758 obtained its site at Hayle. From its start as a smelting company it would expand into the engineering industry to become one of the most important manufacturers of Cornish engines. As a foundry is it better known by its later name Sandys, Carne & Vivian.

This paperback by W.H. Pascoe was published by Truran in 1982. It is the only publication at present covering the history of the company, and is unfortunately out of print (2017), and so prices can be high. If you follow the Amazon link below, make sure you check out the 2nd hand prices, they can be more sensible.

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